Just One Reason Why We Love Walden, and You Will Too!

As we start to get geared up for Jackson at Walden, there is a ton to be excited about, and we don’t just mean the new development.  Walden has grown immensely as a community over the years, and some great local businesses have established themselves.  We want to tell you about some of our favourite places in Walden and South Calgary so you can be as excited as we are about Jackson at Walden!

First up is a local restaurant that you’ve definitely seen if you’ve driven into Walden, Windsor Rose.  We love it because you can always find something for everyone.  Whether you’re feeling like wings and beer, or something a little more gourmet with a good scotch, they’ve got you covered.  They have an extensive lists of beers with your classic choices along with a solid selection of craft beers, ciders, and wine.  You can enjoy a casual evening with friends, or host a big party in one of their private rooms.  You can enjoy the sunshine on their rooftop patio!  They also offer online ordering, which means you can enjoy their delicious food without human interaction, or putting on acceptable outerwear, it’s a win win! If you’re in the area or looking to check out Walden, make sure you stop by Windsor Rose, they’ve got great specials every night including 1 pound of wings and a beer for $9.99 for every Flames playoff game!

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