The showhome designers at Avi Urban are constantly discovering new finds and are up on the latest trends in home décor. As Fall approaches, Julie Punter shares with us some of her expert thoughts on how to give your home a seasonal touch.

Thoughts on colour…

When we usually think of Fall colour tones we tend to lean towards the warmth of orange, yellow and browns. However, this season the trend will be bolder tones such as Grecian blues, Kelly greens, Raspberry fuchsia and Blood orange! Thinking bold and behaving boldly is the trending theme! Think about pairing these colours with neutrals such as bright whites and shades of grey for maximum effect. The long time trending taupe neutrals are slowly making their way out, to make way for a crisper palette. Scared of colour? Then think about introducing it in a subtle way, with accent pillows, small accessories and splash in an art piece.

Thoughts on accessories and accent pieces…

Still trending strong is the mixing of the old and new. Unique antique finds thrown in with a contemporary look creates a unique interest to a space and adds a level of multidimensional function. In one Avi Urban project coming up we have a Canadian theme with a mix of history from Hudson Bay colour toned palette and unique vintage finds that will complete this look. Our showhome designers search around antique stores and interesting places like Reclaimed Canada to complete a look like this. Etsy is also a great place to source one-of-a- kind pieces such as metal words with light bulbs. We have even gone as far as executing a restoration look and adding an unusual spin with circus vintage art and vintage finds. Don’t be afraid to show off your distinctive style and find that one thing that screams you, you’ll be surprised how it will become a great conversation piece in your home!

Thoughts on pattern and texture….

Patterns that are big for this Fall are florals, faux wood, navaho, chevron and plaids. Pattern can be added in by the drapery, bedding, toss pillows or wallpaper. A good thought when it comes to pattern is to always have a neutral base and build your pattern from there. Don’t be afraid to mix bold patterns and textures together to add variety to a space. Find a small area to add a bold wallpaper to or change up your bedding by adding a pattern. Whether your taste is for the contemporary or for the traditional, there should be a pattern to suit your style!