Keepin’ you in the know with Avi Urban

So you just moved in to your first townhome or condo and you have some questions about how things work within your new community of neighbours.
We’ve put together the top 10 things you need to know about the bylaws that affect you and your neighbours…

Top 10 Bylaws You Need to Know

  1. All Avi Urban developments are pet friendly! All you need to do is register your pet with the condo board.  And as a friendly reminder, please remember to always pick up after them.
  1. Everyone likes to have a good time, but be mindful of your neighbours. Be respectful of noise levels as this can interfere with other owner’s comfort.
  1. We are proud of our developments and want you to be too! Keep everything looking clean and tidy, and ensure that your outdoor living area is not used for extra storage.
  1. We want you to show off your new home to friends and family, so get them to use the visitor parking stalls when they visit.
  1. You own and want to rent out your place? No problem,  just let the condo board know.
  1. Garbage and recycling bins are provided onsite by your condo board. Toss in appropriate bins and you’re done!
  1. The condo board takes care of all shoveling and maintenance of the common areas, but you are required to shovel and maintain your front entrance and driveway.
  1. We want to keep all of our developments looking new and presentable. Hanging sheets, towels, or foil in front of your windows isn’t aesthetically appealing and isn’t permitted.
  1. Considering jazzin’ up with interior upgrades or modifications? No problem! Just send your plans to the condo board to ensure the proper insurance is in place.
  1. Stay cool in the summer, or watch all the television shows you want, but if you use air conditioners, satellite dishes or anything that will alter the exterior of the building, this needs to be approved by the condo board.

What you didn’t know, now you know. Keepin’ you informed is our business. Now go enjoy your new community of neighbours!