Landscaping for Where You Want to Live

It’s spring in Alberta and our homeowners are starting to venture out and enjoy all that their outdoor spaces have to offer. Urban wildlife like birds, squirrels and the occasional rabbit are also making use of the awesome outdoor spaces in each of our developments.

In most of our new townhome and condo developments, homeowners never have to worry about mowing their own lawn or pruning their own trees. Instead, we offer incredible landscaped courtyards or front gardens so our homeowners can enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. Here’s why we tailor the outdoor amenities at our developments to the way our homeowners live:

We’re making it a place you want to live! We want you to be proud of the place you live and enjoy every aspect of the community we build. That’s why we choose to devote large sections of our developments to green space, which can be used by everyone. We want to make the community beautiful and functional, while keeping the urban aesthetic we strive for.

We’re creating a community with space where you can mix and mingle with your neighbours. Take your dog for a walk along the landscaped pathways or bring a lawn game to the courtyard and get to know other homeowners!

Landscaping with locally sourced pieces helps us to create unique, beautiful spaces without a major impact to the environment. Many of the things you see in your courtyard or around your front door come directly from the site we’ve built it on, including rocks and boulders excavated from the development.

Take some time to check out our developments this week online or at our sales centers to see just how awesome your new home can be, inside and out!