Maverick and Jasper at Livingston: In the Community

We’ve got some exciting news to share about Livingston!

The on-demand transit service that was proposed for Livingston back in November was recently approved! It’s a wonderful opportunity for current and future residents of our community.

The  large public transit system will create a wonderful opportunity to our current and future residents in Maverick and Jasper at Livingston, who will benefit from the on-demand and ride-aggregating technology. The operation runs similarly to ride-sharing companies and aims to provide transit services to newer communities, where demand doesn’t yet warrant traditional fixed routes and scheduled services. Once enforced, this new service will provide residents convenient access to current transportation services and connectivity to the rest of the city, giving homeowners even more reason to love where they live.

Watching this up-and-coming suburb grow into a flourishing community has been so rewarding and we love being able to share the new with you!

Until next time,

Becky @  Maverick & Jasper 

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