Maverick at Livingston: Benefits of main floor living

Thinking about a main floor suite in Maverick at Livingston? You’re not alone!  Since more and more people are asking about our main floor units, we wanted to share some of the top reasons for why we recommend them:

  • Affordablity – If you’re on a budget, it’s most likely cheaper for you to purchase a home on the main floor — Typically, the higher the floor, the higher the price.
  • Get moving – Moving is a stressful when you have an elevator or stairs to contend with. Main floor units remove this issue from the equation, making your move a breeze.
  • Keep it cool – Living on the main floor means you won’t have to worry about those hot summers warming up your home, seeing as heat rises.
  • Get outside – You’ve got easier access to the outdoors with the advantage of being close to the exit doors; perfect for those living with four legged friends.
  • Going the distance – The higher the level you live on, the greater the distance. Though it may sound silly, you’ll thank us when you don’t have as far to go when your hands are full from grocery shopping or bringing in luggage after a holiday.
  • Single family lifestyle – Moving from a house to a condo is an adjustment, so main floor  units offer a great transition. These suites feel most like living in a single family home— instead of waiting for an elevator after a long day of work you just walk straight into your home.
  • Security – With proper enclosure, security alarms and Avi provided latches on the windows, you’ll feel safe and secure living on the main floor.

Want to know more? Stop by and visit us at 163 Livingston Ave NE.

Kayla @ Maverick