Maverick at Livingston: Buyer profile

Meet your new neighbour!

We would like to introduce Sean, the newest owner in Maverick at Livingston. He answered a few questions for us to give you an idea of just how awesome your new neighbours will be!

Name: Sean Skillen

Proud new owner of the: 1 bed + den

Favourite thing about Maverick or north central Calgary: Balcony and location

Bio (tell us about yourself): 27, Journeyman, electrician, future pilot

Favourite sinful food? Ben + Jerry’s

What is the coolest thing about you? Single

Nickname as a kid? Seany Skillz

Weirdest thing you have ever eaten? A bug

Most embarrassing moment? Talking in French to a girl in Geneva and accidentally spitting on her

Most triumphant moment? Buying in Maverick

If you could have a super power what would it be? Flying

What do you think about the name Maverick? Love it or hate it? And why? Love it — goes with my career as a pilot

We’re pumped to have another awesome homeowner as part of the Maverick family!

Anthony @ Maverick