Maverick at Livingston: Construction update

We hope you’re enjoying the sun and getting ready for summer! With all the sunshine, construction has been rapidly moving along in Maverick at Livingston, so here’s a quick update to keep you in the know.


  • We currently doing rough-ins to prepare for all the major components that will be located in the parkade. These are all the big items that help run your home and common areas.

First floor:

  • All of our plumbing rough-ins have been complete and we are now in process of starting electrical rough-ins, which is when we run all the wires behind your walls for lights, and plug-ins.

Second floor:

  • Now that the plumbers are have completed the first floor, they have moved to the second floor,  currently installing pipes and drains for all the plumbing in your home.

Third floor

  • Our framers have completed all of the major components and are adding the additional supports for all the little details, such as keeping your towel bars on the wall and making it easier to hang your TV with the HDMI upgrade.

Forth floor:

  • The most exciting part — we’re literally putting a roof over your heads. That is right, the roof is being installed, adding to the already amazing looking building.


Plus, (drum roll please) we’re excited to announce the release of Building 2000!

Stop by the sales centre for access to the brand new building and to learn more about limited time incentives and how you can own from just $2,000 down!

Kayla @ Maverick