Maverick at Livingston: In the Community

The Homeowner Association (HOA) is the reason at the heart of why Livingston is called a community. The HOA brings everyone who lives here together, and there will be some great opportunities to meet all of your neighbours through events and gatherings housed by the HOA. The HOA will offer professionally managed facilities and amenities for homeowners in Livingston, as well as employment and volunteer opportunities.

If you would like to hold a big party, no problem! The HOA provides a facility for rental for your private events, and of course exclusive pricing just for residents. What’s even better? Maverick at Livingston is within walking distance from the HOA.

What exactly is being offered in the Livingston Community Centre?

Indoor plans include: Banquet Facility, Community Kitchen, Meeting & Multi-use rooms, Gymnasium, Skate Change Area, Gathering Spaces, Day Care Space, Community Hub, Future Cafe Space.

If you are a sports lover, the outdoor plans will be more attractive for you. Preliminary plans include: Skating Rinks (Leisure and Hockey), Water Spray Park, Playground, Tennis Courts, Amphitheatre, Enhanced Gathering Spaces, Ping Pong Tables, Play Elements Throughout. If you are not too much of a sports fan, you can still enjoy the year round landscaping and maintenance throughout the community.

Come and check Maverick at Livingston and find out why we are so popular.

Anthony @ Maverick