Maverick at Livingston: Live Near the Water

Who wouldn’t love walking out their front door to ponds and green space?

The master built community of Livingston will feature numerous storm ponds (five to  be exact), which will add to the 100+ storm ponds located in the city. The first storm pond is already under construction near Maverick at Livingston. All five of the ponds will have an impermeable geomembrane to capture and recycle water to make sure it doesn’t just seep into the ground. Upon completion the storm pond will hold 34 million gallons of water; about 52 Olympic size swimming pools! We’re anticipating completion by the end of this year, so you’ll be able to take full advantage of the green space surrounding the Livingston pond, which will be accessible to the community and the residents of Livingston. If you would like to know more about the ponds, green space and environmental reserves planned for Livingston come visit us at our sales centre, or visit the Livingston website.

Wonder what the finished product will look like? Go take a peek at similar storm pond, such as the Inverness and Prestwick ponds in McKenzie Towne. And since the pond in Livingston hasn’t been named yet, you can always pop by the sales centre to give us some suggestions.

There’s a lot of excitement happening in Livingston, so stop by and we’ll fill you in!

Anthony @ Maverick


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