Maverick at Livingston: The pros of condo fees

Hello Maverick fans,

Since starting in Maverick at Livingston I’ve been  asked a ton about condo fees, so this week I wanted to share the PROS of condo fees.  Yes — I said pros.  These fees are an additional monthly cost on top of your mortgage payment, however, they cover the majority of bills that you would typically be paying on a monthly basis living in a house.

In Maverick at Livingston, condo fees range from $187.94 to $319.06 a month and they include the  following: gas, water, heat, sewer, landscaping and snow removal, waste and recycling, building insurance, road and parking maintenance, common area electrical costs, parkade maintenance, janitorial in common areas, window cleaning, reserve fund study fees, reserve fund contribution and management fees. I know! Good deal, right? The only additional cost will be your electrical, which averages $50 a month.

So get rid of all those obnoxious bills and just focus on one!

Still have questions? I was hoping you’d say that. Come visit me in Livingston and I will be happy to discuss more in detail and show you our beautiful floorplans.

Happy house hunting!!

Kayla @ Maverick


Photo Creds:
Justin Garvin
New York City Department of Transportation