Maverick at Livingston: Where to Wash Your Baby?

Spring has sprung! And with that, the melting snow is soaking our roads creating the need to constantly clean our cars.

Next time you find yourself lining up at the car wash for hours, you’ll wish that you had the ability to clean your vehicle at home!  Luckily, with Maverick at Livingston, this dream is a reality. Maverick offers several of amenities including a car and dog wash in the underground parking lot. That means the vehicle (or puppy) that you baby so much will be lookin’ at it’s finest all the time.

We understand that value doesn’t only come down to building a good quality home — it means providing features and amenities that meet the needs and wants of our Avi Urban homeowners. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give us a call (587-349-7820) to book your VIP tour of our Maverick showhome and discover all that Livingston has to offer.

Anthony @ Maverick


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