May Design Trend: Rearrange It!

Our interior designers are always in the know on the latest trends and ideas. With decorating dozens of homes every year, these showhome designers know their way around fitting furniture into a space.

One of our awesome designers, Julie Punter, helps you make the most out of your space, just by doing a little rearranging! Here are some of her helpful tips:

1. Traffic flow: Consider the space and how you use it. If you have more than two people living in a home, you’ll want to have ample walkway areas so you’re not bumping into each other. Entertain a lot? Ensure that you have at least three feet around the perimeter of the table and about one and a half feet around chairs.

2. Template it out: Before moving your furniture around, use paper templates (we tape newspapers together) or a program like Urban Barn’s Make Room. This stops you from lugging heavy pieces of furniture around and helps you envision the space better.

3. Make it purposeful: Especially with small spaces, its important that your furniture and accessories are placed thoughtfully and purposefully. That means knowing how you live and designing around it. If your Saturday night consists of pizza and movie, design your living space to be comfortable and open. If you’re into having friends or family over to chill,  and make the space functional with more end tables for drinks and seating for guests.

4. Don’t just use it because you have it: Just because you have six dining chairs doesn’t mean you need to have all of them out. If the furniture is too big (or too small) for the space, designate it somewhere else.

5. Make it multi-functional: If you’re pressed for space, try using more multi-functional furniture. Rearrange by removing that basic coffee table and replacing it with one that will store bins or books, or side tables with shelving.

6. Pressed for space? Don’t go too small: We like low profile furniture. That doesn’t mean you have to buy the “condo sized” version of everything. Instead, choose skinny floor lamps or swoop lamps instead of bulky ones or low profile sectionals instead of big sofas.

7. Move your accessories out and evaulate: Do you really need five vases on that bookshelf? Examine your home accessories and figure out what works in the space and what needs to be reaassigned to another room.

Questions for our designers? Just comment below or visit our Pinterest page for more decorating inspiration.