May DIY: Striped Feature Wall

We hear lots of our homeowners talking about their plans for their new homes, once they move in. One of the biggest things they’re planning is a feature wall. But why stick to just one colour?

Our interior designers are always coming up with clever ways to create pops of colour and add personality to a space. We set them loose in the Sawyer Silverado Two Bedroom A show suite to create a stellar feature wall that’s super easy to recreate in your place. Bonus: It only cost us about $100 to complete, awesome!

Here’s how to paint a stylish and fun feature wall in your new home.


  • Home depot – BEHR Paint in Eggshell in colours:

Teal – 510F-6D Solitude

Pink – 110B-5D Silk Ribbon

Grey – 770F-5D Dark Ash

White – W-F-500 1857U Frost

  • 2-3 paint brushes
  • 4 small paint trays (or just a couple of if you’re okay to wash and reuse)
  • Smaller paint rollers
  • Painter’s tape
  • Laser level (well worth the small investment!)
  • Plastic drop sheet
  • Pencil or chalk


  1. Shop for supplies: Grab everything you need from your local home improvement store.
  2. Measure your lines and tape: Start in the centre by marking roughly where you’d like your lines to be. Remember that they don’t have to be equal, varied sizes make it interesting. Use a laser level to easily run the tape straight down and even on the bottom. Make sure that both striped areas are symmetrical, and that they’re also symmetrical on each side of the centre stripe.
  3. Mark your colours: Using chalk or a pencil, mark your colours before you paint and ensure that both groupings of stripes are patterned the same.
  4. Paint your stripes: Starting with one colour, paint every stripe you’ve marked with that colour. We recommend using a brush to cut in a the top and small rollers to fill in the stripes. Using four different rollers for four different colours makes the process much faster than washing and reusing them.
  5. Remove tape and admire your masterpiece: Wait at least two hours before peeling the tape off. Slowly remove tape and touch up if needed.

Check out the completed feature wall at the Sawyer Silverado show suite. Questions for our interior designers? Comment below or check out our Pinterest boards for tons of inspiration.

We want to know: Have you tried doing a feature wall in your place, or are you considering it in your new home?