Mission Local Businesses: Our Top 5 Restaurants for Comfort Food

We’ve all had those days, when you’re hungry, or bored, and all you want is a big plate of food and you just don’t care about the nutritional content.  Whether it’s a cheat day, or you’re just craving some seriously delicious food, comfort food has a place in all of our stomachs.  When Duke moves into Mission, there will be a wealth of food choices within walking distance, and we wanted to share our top 5 comfort food favourites.  You can even walk off some of the calories you consume on the walk home, or you can drive, there’s no judgment here.


  1. Fat City Frank’s-#3 2015 4th St SW
    It’s got the word fat in the name, so it has to be good. Fat City Frank’s has been around for 10 years, and resides in a little diner-esque spot formerly known as Le Chien Chaud Gourmet Hot Dogs. They serve a mix of hot dogs with every topping you could imagine or want. From the more conservative Canadian Dog, to the Italian Dog with garlic butter, bruschetta, asiago cheese, and fresh basil, and everything else in between. When those hot dog cravings hit, this is a place you have to check out.
  2. Le Villa Chophouse-#150 1800 4th St SW
    If you’re feeling a little upscale and the idea of eating meat makes you really happy, Le Villa is probably a place you should check out. They have some great classic comforts like baked French onion soup, and less classic, applewood smoked cheddar stuffed meatballs, yes please. You’ll also find lobster stuffed beef tenderloin, lobster mac and cheese, and a fantastic selection of beef, fish, and of course lighter options, but that’s no fun.
  3. Vin Room-2310 4th St SW
    What’s more comforting than wine? At Vin Room you can enjoy a wide selection of dishes and taste all kinds of wine at the same time. The only thing better than amazing food, is having the right wine to drink with it, but you might not really care when you’re digging into their delicious wild boar ragu dip, or smoky chipotle pork short ribs. A number of their dishes can also be made gluten free, so no comfort craving person is left behind!
  4. Smoke’s Poutinerie-#111 1800 4th St SW
    Poutine, perhaps the quintessential Canadian comfort dish, is done oh so right at Smoke’s Poutinerie. You can have whatever your stomach craves with over 30 chicken, pork, beef, and veggie options, or throw whatever you want onto a pile of fries and cover it with cheese and gravy. They use top notch ingredients, including cheese curds straight from Quebec, just as it should be.
  5. Wurst-2437 4th St SW
    If you’ve ever eaten German food you know it’s not exactly on the light side. Wurst has a great selection of dishes to share, like oysters and the Franzels Mixed Grill platter. Or if sharing isn’t your thing, get your hands on their duck fat fries with duck confit, and keep that plate all to yourself. Top it off with their Wurst Brownie Ever, and a cold beer, and there’s no way you won’t go home happy.

This list doesn’t even scratch the surface of great spots to eat in Mission, or scratch the surface of the variety of delicious food these featured places serve.  But these prime comfort food restaurants won’t fail to impress. We can’t wait to explore even more local places as we move closer to the launch of Duke at Mission! Stay in the loop by registering here.