November Design Trend: Graphic Fabrics and Wallpapers

Our showhome designers at Avi Urban are constantly discovering new finds and are up on the latest trends in home décor. Showhome decorator Alex Scott explains why using patterned wallpaper and fabrics can add major “oomph” to your new place.

We’re into patterns this season. They’re a great way to add some life to your place, while adopting new trends into your home décor. Try out some of these trends in your new home.

Chevron Fabrics – Chevron is really hot right now. You can find it on tons of different pieces, in both fashion (like scarves) and home décor (like curtains). Chevron is especially hot this fall for accent pieces. You can utilize this trend by trying it in small doses. Maybe re-cover an ottoman in bright colored chevron, or stick to a neutral shade for bedding or drapery. You can also adapt this trend for wall coverings, either with paint or wallpaper.

Graphic Prints – Choose a bold graphic print this fall to breathe life into your interior. Toss cushions are a perfect place to try one, or with removal pieces like curtains or chair covers. We don’t recommend going all out with graphic prints, as they can make a room look busy, but bright accents here are there are great.

Emerald Green –  While some people might be a little hesitant adding this bold color to their interior, try it in a small dose such as a toss cushion or throw. It’s perfect for the season, and it’s not too bold so it can easily be mixed in with other pieces you might have in your place.

Suit Pin Stripe Fabrics –  If you’re not into bright colours or super bold patterns, masculine fabrics are a great way to ground a space. Try this fabric in a pinch pleat drape to add drama to any room. These fabrics are perfect for the colder seasons, as they’re usually a little more heavy and dark.

Wallpapers that coordinate with fabrics – A brand new wallpaper book just came out with coordinating fabrics and wallpapers, from Joanne Fabrics. We’re using this book as inspiration, but the concept is simple. Pick a wallpaper, then decide on a fabric that coordinates. Choose one room in your house like your bedroom where you can accent your back bed wall with a wallpaper and then add shams with coordinating fabric.

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