November DIY: Functional & Frugal Pantry

Our interior designer Marnie Galbraith is into organizing this season. With access to tons of different shops and spaces, she’s always getting inspiration on how to organize kitchens on a dime. “Any pantry, big or small, can be organized,” shares Marnie, “so here’s how to create a functional pantry that’s easy on the wallet.”


1.       Figure out the sizes: Start by getting the appropriate sized containers. If it’s a spice cupboard, small stackable containers or magnetic spice tins are a great place to start. Get a magnet sheet or even an inexpensive cookie sheet and glue or screw it into the side of the pantry door – the containers will stay in place and be easily accessible.

2.       Grab some containers: Bins and containers don’t need to be expensive. You can repurpose things like old shoe boxes (which can be cut down to height and used in drawers as well), dollar store plastic bins, mason jars or even old gift baskets.

3.       Use the door: Don’t forget to maximize your space by using the back of the door. Getting an over the door hanger or organizer can be a great way to store extras, as well as things like cleaning supplies and pot lids. Try getting a small towel bar that fits inside your cupboard door and use it as a ‘shelf’ to store those pesky pot lids.

4.       Label like crazy: Use a label maker or print off free labels (like the ones found here) to organize your containers, tins and bins. This will make putting things back easier and keep your pantry cleaner, longer.

5.       Think outside the box for odd shaped items: A desk file can store cookie sheets or cutting boards. Placemats can serve as a solid base for wire shelving so packets and miscellaneous items don’t slip through the cracks. You can even use small hooks (found at the dollar store) for hanging items like pots or kitchen utensils to free up space for shelving.


Your pantry is a great storage solution, and we’re all about making the most of it!


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