Duke at Mission: October Construction Update

Hi all,

Time for another Duke at Mission construction update!

It’s so exciting when we get to the point in the construction process where we start seeing ideas come to fruition. I know that it’s hard to imagine a home just by looking at a piece of paper, but as soon as walls start going up that visualization starts to happen. You can plan out where the furniture goes and where you’ll hang your favourite art. You can even fight over how big of a TV you need for the living room wall.

We’re getting close to the time where we can really see the shape of the building and understand how those floor plans transform from a neat idea to the perfect home.

During September we saw the suspended slab poured and saw the parkade take shape. In October we will see a lot of physical changes to Duke at Mission.  With the framing of the first and second floors well underway, it’s clear that this one of a kind building really does stand out among the community. We can also expect a painted parkade before the end of this month and rough-ins for the 1st and 2nd floors to begin in the next few weeks.

Until next time,

Jamie @ Duke