October Design Trends: All About Texture

This season, our interior designers are spending their days decorating showhomes and love using the latest trends in each home.

Marnie Galbraith, one of our incredible interior designers, shares what’s in this October – and how you can make the trend your own in your new townhome or condo!

“Fall is all about texture,” explains Marnie, “and items like knitted throws and textured toss cushions are a great way to bring the trend in easily and affordably.”

Marnie suggests, “Try creating texture by investing in a raw piece of furniture, like a harvest table, great old iron barstools or an old wooden treasure of a coffee table found at a great antique market.”

Instead of giving Grandma’s old end table a makeover, leave it’s rough edges and wrinkles exposed. After all, there is a story there probably worth asking about! “Bringing in a piece of reclaimed furniture adds a sense of history to the space, enhancing the depth of the season.”

Another option for bringing in texture is to take inspiration from warm clothing. Shares Marnie, “Pieces like scarves, flannel and wool socks are cozy and can act as a great jumping-off point for home accessories, like flannel cushions, or even a traditional Hudson’s Bay blanket.”

To top it all off, Marnie recommends using scents. “Add in great fall scents to set the mood, such as apples, pumpkin and cinnamon.”

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