The Post at Nolan Hill: Construction Update August 2014

It’s that time again, so for those of you not driving by the site regularly to watch the progress happening at The Post at Nolan Hill, you can read the construction progress below!

Building 1 – Rough-ins and insulation are completed in all of the townhomes and drywall is also complete. Finishings will being underway in all the townhomes next week. The concrete for the driveways have been poured and the siding has started on the exterior as well! We’re all getting excited to see the exterior finished on the first building at The Post, it is going to look amazing.

Building 3 – Framing and rough-ins (electrical, ducting, and plumbing) are complete, insulation will begin next week. The roof shingles are completed and driveways have had the concrete poured.

Building 2 – Framing is almost complete and the windows have been installed, soon the shingles on the roof will be starting.

Building 4 – The foundation has been dug and prepped for the frames for the footing to be set up, once the footings are complete the foundation walls will be poured and then framing can begin.

Building 5 – Foundation was dug and the footings have been poured and some of the foundation walls are also complete.

Building 6 – When digging foundations that excess dirt has to go somewhere, and currently it’s where your building is, but not to worry, that dirt will be removed soon and your foundations will be dug as we are planning to have all foundations completed before the ground freezes this winter so that we remain on schedule.

Building 7 – The foundation has been dug and prepped for the frames for the footing to be set up

Around the site – The curbs and roads are completed and the retaining wall around the perimeter of the site is also complete.

TaraLynn @ The Post