The Post in Nolan Hill: Construction Update Dec 2014

Lots of activity has happened over the past month, the first 2 buildings have seen homeowners move in, there is active construction happening on all the remaining 5 buildings and the garbage enclosure is almost complete.

Here is the break down of where construction is at in each building;

Building 1 – Completed, and homeowners have moved in.

Building 3 – Completed, and homeowners have moved in.

Building 2 – Possession dates have been set for end of January. Flooring is being installed right now, all units have the tile installed and carpet/hardwood is almost complete as well.

Building 4 –  The interior/back framing is almost complete and the windows are also being installed! Soon rough-in’s will be able to begin. Homeowners will be able to walk through their townhome in January.

Building 5 –  Rough-in’s (plumbing, electrical, and ducts) are well under way, so if homeowners are interested in walking though their unit, they are able to do so.

Building 7 – Framing is well underway, the exterior/shell framing is completed, the interior or back framing now underway.

Building 6 – Framing is well under way with the 2nd floor, soon the 3rd floor and roof will be going up.

Around the Site –  The Garbage enclosure is getting close to completion the concrete slab it was sitting on has been fixed up, hope to have this completed and ready for use by mid January. Landscaping is as far as we could get it before the freeze set in, the remainder will be completed spring/summer.

Until Next Year….Happy Holidays

TaraLynn @ The Post