The Post in Nolan Hill: Construction Update Feb 2015

This mild weather has provided really nice conditions for our construction crew working hard at getting the remaining townhomes at The Post in Nolan Hill completed. Another building is getting close to completion and ready to have homeowners move in, and the other remaining buildings aren’t far behind.

Here is the break down of where each building is at now;

Building 1, 2 & 3 have all seen homeowners move in (except a few quick move-in ready homes for sale, ask us how you could move into The Post next month!)

Building 4 – Framing and rough-in’s are now completed, insulation will begin this coming week!

Building 5 – Drywalling is completed, Cabinets are in, painting is underways and the finishing’s stage is starting right away. Homeowners will see their possession letters coming out soon.

Building 7 – Framing is completed and rough-ins are well underway, Roof shingles are installed and completed as well

Building 6 – Framing is being completed, once that has been completed the rough-in’s and roofing can begin.

Around the site – The Garbage encloser completion was delayed do to weather and completing the concrete surrounding the building, but we are ready to go and it should be completed soon. Hopefully this mild weather continues into and early spring so we can start landscaping again soon!

That’s all for this month, until next time.

TaraLynn @ The Post in Nolan Hill