The Post in Nolan Hill: Construction Update Jan 2015

Another month has passed here at The Post in Nolan Hill and with that we have seen one more townhouse building completed, homeowners move in and construction progressing on the remaining buildings.

I took a walk around our site today and things are moving along nicely, so here is the breakdown of where construction is at in each building;

Building 1, 2 & 3 – all of these buildings have seen all the townhomes turned over to the new homeowners, just a few townhomes left for sale that are move-in ready.

Building 4 – Framing is complete, rough-in’s are well underway with electrical work underway, homeowners are now able to walk through their homes.

Building 5 – Rough-ins are complete, insulation has been installed, Drywall has started and is already about half way done. Siding/exterior work is getting ready to start and being set up to begin this week.

Building 6 – The 3rd floor is almost finished being framed then roof will be next and then rough-in’s can start.

Building 7 – Framing is complete and rough-ins have started with plumbing/water lines being installed. The view of the park and pond is incredible!

Around the site – the Waste/Recycle building (garbage enclosure) is almost complete.

Until Next Time

TaraLynn @ The Post in Nolan Hill