The Post at Nolan Hill: Construction Update – March 2014

With a great start to March at The Post, our team is making tons of progress and digging foundations across the site! While it still looks like a lot of dirt, it’s at a major stage in construction and a lot is happening. We checked in with your site superintendent Terry to get an update on what’s happening at The Post:

Excavation is taking place throughout the site. This is where they dig the holes for foundations, which are already complete for many of the buildings. This week the team will start excavations for buildings 1 and 3.

Footings will soon follow, which are the foundations of your home (usually the garage slab). This requires pouring of concrete, which is why our team is always thankful for great weather. If colder weather comes back, we always have ways of ensuring we can still pour while protecting the concrete and home foundation. These footings usually include rebar and a wooden frame which surrounds it, where they pour the concrete.

The excavating crew we use through North Star will soon be leaving the site, as they will have completed all excavation requirements. After that, new crews will arrive and the foundation walls will begin, which you’ll be able to see as you drive by the site!

We’ll be sure to keep updating you as construction progresses, and feel free to connect with your customer relations representative if you have any questions anytime throughout the process.

TaraLynn @ The Post at Nolan Hill