Willow in Sherwood: Construction Update March 2015

There has been a lot that has happened on site in the last month. The first 3 building are being framed, 2 more foundations are getting ready to have concrete poured ,and others are getting ready to have foundations dug.

Here is the break down of where each building is at right now:

Building 3 – Framing is well under way with the roof being framed.

Building 4 – Framing is also well under way, looks like the framers are getting ready to start the 3rd floor.

Building 5 – Framing is just getting started with the garage level.

Building 6 – the footing for the foundation walls are completed and the forms for the foundations wall were being delivered while I was on site.  Soon they will be in place, and the concrete for the foundation walls will be poured.

Building 7 – The foundations were dug and are ready to have the forms for the footing set up.

Building 10 – The ground has been staked and is ready to have the foundations dug.

Building 8 – This will be the next building to be prepped for foundations, framing will start before building 10’s framing is through, as possession in this building comes up before building 10.

Around the site – The foundations are being prepped for the Waste/Recycling Enclosure.

Until next time.

TaraLynn @ Willow in Sherwood