The Post at Nolan Hill: Construction Update May 2014

You have to love spring time in Calgary, well maybe love isn’t the right word, but it is spring and construction is moving forward. So even though it might be snowing, there is some great progress happening on site at The Post in Nolan Hill. Framing has started on our first building with another building to begin framing right away!

So how I normally like to make these construction updates easy to read and straightforward with the information that it key to you, is to break it down by building.

Building 1 – The second level of framing is already going up!

Building 3 – Framing materials are on site and will start going up right away.

Building 2 – Foundation area has been dug, footings are poured. Soon the frames for the foundations walls will be going up in preparation for them to be poured as well.

Building 4 to 7 – Won’t be long before the foundations for each of the remaining buildings are dug and poured too, so make sure you stay tuned and watch out for the next update!

That’s all for now!

TaraLynn @ The Post