The Post at Nolan Hill: Construction Update Nov 2014

Well it’s a good thing I had a chance to take Pictures in The Post at Nolan Hill a few days ago, with all this snow today you aren’t able to see that landscaping has started on site! We’ve had another major milestone occur at The Post with the Showhomes opening and the first homeowners taking possession and moving in!

Building 1 – We have moved into our showhomes and homeowners have moved into their new townhomes as well! Landscaping has also been completed around the building.

Building 3 – Final touch ups are happening, homeowners will be moving in at the end of the month. Landscaping has been completed on the garage entry side, the front door patios are completed as well

Building 2 – Siding and brick work is almost complete, rough-ins and insulation are completed and the drywall is almost completed as well

Building 4 – The framing is well under way with the roof going on.

Building 5 – Interior framing is being completed, exterior framing completed with the roof. The concrete patios backing to the courtyards have been poured

Building 6 – Framing has started with the garage level underway

Building 7 – Framing will begin soon

Around the Site – Landscaping has started around Buildings 1, 2, & 3. Th garage enclosure is almost complete and a temp garbage bin is in site for homeowners to use until the garbage enclosure is completed.

Until next time.

TaraLynn @ The Post at Nolan Hill