President’s Post: 3 Things We Do To Make Moving In Easier

We are quickly closing in on the first day of summer, and to say that our spring at Avi Urban was fantastic would be an understatement.  Over the past few months we have seen several of our Avi Urban developments come to sell out, as more and more Albertans found their new homes with us.  We also had several Calgary townhome owners take possession of newly completed homes at Victoria Cross, Sandstone and Prospect Ridge.  This experience, receiving the keys to your new home, is what I wanted to talk about this month.

Focus on moving in: When we hand over the keys to an owner’s new home, we at Avi Urban always strive for zero deficiency in the turnover of our homes.   That means that when you move in, the house will be in the best shape possible.  It is imperative that it is built right.  That is why we inspect all our homes with impartial third party inspectors, and our goal is always to correct all deficiencies before you move in.   So you can focus on, well…moving in.

Taking the stress out of buying a home: We also know that building a new home can be a very stressful experience.  For starters, it is an extremely expensive investment.  It also involves a level of trust that what you bought and what was built will be the same thing.  The mantra of ‘we deliver what we promise’ was established by our founder, Avi Amir, and it still holds true today.  When you tour our showhomes, we promise that your new home will be finished with the same attention to detail as what you see there.  That is something you can count on.  Something real.  At the end of the day, we really, really, want you to be proud of your Avi Urban home.

We rely on you: Thirdly, we rely on your referral.  For over 34 years we have built our business one home at a time.  We know that if you are proud of you new home, then you will tell people about it.  And who knows, maybe your friends and family will then consider Avi Urban when it is time for them to build a new home.  One customer at a time, that is how we operate.  So if you are proud of your new Avi Urban home, tell someone about it.  And if you feel that we could do our job better, then please tell us about it.  We want to know.   We want to be the best we can.

Have a great summer everyone.  Enjoy the sunshine.

Charron Ungar

President, Avi Urban