President’s Post: A Man on a Mission

I am a Radical.  Yes its true.  An activist.  A man on a mission.  I have a thorn in my side. I cant help it,  I get bothered when I hear the word ‘no’, or, ‘we can’t do that’, or, ‘because it’s always been done like that…’.

I believe it is our responsibility to not just listen to our customers, but to also listen to those that aren’t.  What can we learn from what we do?   The idea that we can design better multi-family communities is a core philosophy of our company.  And design isn’t just limited to homes.  I mean, how can we design a better customer experience, a smoother process, a more efficient build time.  It’s all of these things.

The benefit of being in my position as president is that I can suggest and influence  all sorts of improvements, but without the team of people I have working with me, I couldn’t do a thing.    The fact is that everyone, from field staff to administration to interior design to warranty, truly cares about ensuring a culture of constant improvement.  And don’t forget our trades and consultants who pre-screen every development for ways to build it better.

Let’s admit it, it’s always easier to leave things as they are, not rock the boat, just say NO. However, only those truly committed to a vision will strive to do better, and that is how I define Avi Urban.

So the next time you visit our sales centres, or a friend’s amazing new home in one of our Avi Urban developments, or read about us in the media, please remember:  Avi Urban is more than a home building company, it’s a group of activists committed to building the best in multi family developments.