President’s Post: Building With Nature in Mind

In typical Alberta fashion, our spring day starts out with flurries and ends with sunshine.   Every year about this time, as I look around at a landscape dominated by the colour ‘washed out brown’, I am taken back to the idea of how important nature can be to a sense of happiness and fulfillment in our lives.  I long for those days when the world is in bloom and greenery again dominates my vision.

The idea that we live so close to nature is an inspiration for me when it comes to designing our Avi Urban developments.  We may live in a concrete jungle, but we should still make every effort to make our lifestyle as green as possible.  In this case I refer not just to the importance of respecting our environment, but also to the idea that a vibrant community always benefits from strong attention to detail in  landscaping.  From an abundant tree planting program, to common areas designed with human and nature interaction in mind.  Shrub beds to meandering walkways, and stonework to storm water management.  All aspects are important.

As an avid hiker, I enjoy being in nature and one of my favourite hikes, or more accurately, walk, is Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park.  The abundance of forest, combined with the constant rush of white water coursing down the mountainside, truly defines one of the great blessings we all share in this part of the world.  I use any excuse I can think of to bring the family out for a day on that trail.  Guests coming into town, a day off, or even an irresistible bribe of ice cream at the general store located at trails end.

I get a strong sense of satisfaction when I see the pride of ownership our homeowners display when I tour one of our completed communities.  I see residents not only enjoying the landscapes areas, but building upon that base we have established.  It is a reflection of our corporate commitment to responsible development.  A view that I am proud say  Avi Urban strives to accomplish in every community we build.