President’s Post: Calgary, a city of diversity.

Our city continues to change.  To evolve into a reflection of the people who call it home.  From the first settlers who chose to drive a stake into the ground at the point where the Bow and Elbow rivers meet to new family’s coming here from all over the world.  They have chosen this place above all others with the purpose of planting roots here and building a life.

With that intent comes the need for shelter.  The desire to build a home.  To grow a settlement into a town and then toward a thriving city.  This is what we have here today.  This is our city nestled at the base of the Rockies.  And it’s our city that now experiences the push and pull of the pains that come alongside growth.

In listening to the media recently I was surprised to hear about a new study claiming that Canadians are gladly giving up a life in the suburbs for the “convenience” of downtown living.  How Calgary is an example of this change in taste with research data pointing to more and more of our citizens choosing a downtown high rise condominium over any other form of housing.  Well maybe, but I don’t think so.  Seems just too biased to me.

What stumps me is that there always seems to be information conveniently missing from these types of reports.  The numbers I see show multi family starts are up THROUGHOUT our city, both in the established areas and in our newest suburban communities.  Although I agree that more homes are being sold in the urban core, I would not, even for one second, dismiss the enormous demand for housing that we are seeing in our suburbs.

Many of you are aware that Avi Urban has long built our homes in all areas of Calgary.  From 17th Avenue (The Block) to Currie Barracks (Juno) to the NW quadrant (The Post) to the vibrant SE (Edison).  We do that for no other reason than we recognize that our customers are just as diverse as the housing products we build.  Everyone has different tastes and needs in the places they call home and that is why Avi Urban supports diversity in Calgary’s housing options.

Development in all areas of our city should be encouraged with considerable effort being made to provide a myriad of different types of homes for our marketplace.  From townhomes and apartments to semi-detached and single  family houses,  different types of people means we need different types of housing.  So if you are looking for a home with a suburban location then we have a product for you.  And if you yearn for that spot closer in then we build there as well.

We are happy to have the opportunities to build in all areas of our city and we take pride in offering Calgarians a chance to live in the housing product of their choice in a location that they choose to be in.  So the next time a new study comes out claiming an ‘overwhelming’ trend one way or the other, remember this, diversity always trumps over ‘sameness’, and just like us, no one is ever purely black or white.