President’s Post: How We Make the “Waiting Period” a Great Experience

What a year it’s been! 2012 was unbelievable and at Avi Urban we hope for a great 2013 moving forward.  Many purchasers took possession of their brand new homes last year and although it was extremely busy, we tried and succeeded in providing zero deficiency at turnover almost 95% of the time.  To the remaining 5% we promise to learn how we can do better and we apologize for whatever inconvenience was caused due to our setback.  However, we hope that at the end of the day we delivered what we promised and our homeowners can be proud of their purchase and the new place they have chosen to call home.

Also in 2013, our dedicated sales teams sold many new homes to many new future homeowners who will see their homes completed in 2013, and that is what I wanted to focus on for my post. 

It’s that waiting period.  That part of the process where it just can’t move fast enough.  Where you check on the progress and it just doesn’t seem any different than the last time you looked.  It can be frustrating, I know, and I hear about it from time to time.

At each of our active Avi Urban sales centres, the construction and project manager each provide our sales representatives tentative possession schedules that are used for the purpose of establishing the possession timeline for our purchasers.   Although we try to be conservative on our estimates,  many factors can effect our ability to keep to the original schedule. 

First, lets recognize that we want our purchasers to become homeowners as soon as possible.  Second, our core value is to deliver the best possible product we can at time of possession.  Lastly, we are only one part of a large and complex team that come together to build our product.  Many factors like weather, suppliers, market conditions, labour resources, permitting and site conditions all play a significant role on time and performance.  That said, we have long term relationships with reputable trades and suppliers that continuously deliver on time and quality product, but sometimes they too can be delayed.  Even small delays can add up.

We try to do everything we can to mitigate the causes of potential delays and try to pick up the slack wherever possible.  Most times we meet, and even exceed, our initial tentative delivery date, but sometimes we don’t.  The main thing, and our constant goal for improvement, is to communicate as best we can for when delays can be expected.  Ultimately we want our purchasers to be informed and prepared for the time we can provide that possession confirmation date and that long awaited date of possession.

So that’s it.  We’re not happy about it, but delays do happen.  That being said,  we do everything we can to avoid them, minimize them and hopefully learn to eliminate them altogether.

We appreciate each and every one of our homeowners and we’re excited for the great year ahead of us.


The team at Avi Urban wishes you all a Happy New Year and all the best for 2013!