President’s Post: Spring Update

Spring!!! What an exciting time. The team at  Avi Urban have most definitely not been hibernating all winter, and now its time that hard work starts paying off. 

For months our scheduling teams have been busy coordinating with our trades and suppliers to ensure that our left over exterior commitments from last fall get completed and any new work gets going as soon as possible.  Its this time of year that gets the shovels in the ground that start turning a construction site into a home as the landscaping requirements get met and the vision of the development comes to fruition.  So while we were looking for Easter eggs, our landscapers were busy ordering hundreds of trees, thousands of bushes and shrubs and palettes of pavers.

Its also this time of year that I thank our forming and structural trades for the work they have done all winter fighting against the bitter cold to ensure we stay on schedule.  Our cribbers and framers have been going hard putting in our foundations and framing our buildings while we have been staying warm and dry indoors.   It’s a tough job, but I think that come summer, they will have the last laugh while we hope that our air conditioning works that day.

Many Avi Urban developments are moving well with The Enclave looking exceptional and The Block starting to take shape.   The Terraces and the Victoria Cross Townhomes are also setting the bar high.  Sawyer Silverado and Prospect Rise now have basements and will shortly come out of the ground.  Edison at Walden is slated to have the site servicing begin shortly which means that our first few blocks may start possession this coming winter.

Some great upgrades have also been made to our Avi Urban website.  Check out our new ‘about’ page and our growing list of Urban Allies.   Its about supporting our local businesses.  Ultimately the better they do, the more our communities have to offer.  We are proud to showcase their successes to everyone interested in finding out what we are all about.   We also have a new video starring yours truly that talks about some of my guiding principles that I hope some of you find interesting.   Lastly, our new marketing focus has been very well received.  I wanted to personally thank many of our new purchasers for telling us their stories so that we can all know more about who is Avi Urban.

Its one of my favourite times of the year.    The warmer weather brings with it the promise of a new beginning and the amazing summer days coming our way.  BBQ’ing on the back deck, walking the dog down by the park, or hanging out on your favourite patio.  Its going to be that time soon.  I for one…cant wait!!!