President’s Post: The Importance of Feedback in Relationship-based Industries

One of my most appreciated aspects of this job is feedback.  It comes in many forms.  I get the odd letter, some thank you cards, survey results, emails, sometimes in person when I go visit a site.  Comments come in many different forms as well.  Some complimentary, some not so much.  Some are filled with suggestions on how we can do things better, and some highlight customer experiences throughout the process.  I also get feedback where one of our staff, or trades, is singled out for praise by one of our homeowners.  Those ones I enjoy most of all.

Ultimately the homebuilding industry is based on relationships.   From point of sale where a purchaser trusts a builder to deliver what they promise, to the relationship between our field staff and our trades, who commit to one another a job well done.  The ability to construct a built form, someone’s future home, where none existed before is a challenging task, but one built on a foundation based on trust between hundreds of individuals coming together for one common cause.  The building of a house.

So when I receive a note that identifies someone who stood out and provided something outstanding, that makes me happy.  It reaffirms for me that we are on a good path.  That we are able to provide something meaningful, beneficial and essential within our community.  It tells me that people take pride in the work they do, and ultimately, our purchasers take pride in where they choose to call home.

Feedback is so important in being able to do what we do.  If you have something to say, please send it our way.  Let us know, we look forward to hearing from you.