President’s Post: We Want Your Feedback

One of the favourite aspects of my job is the ability to hear the feedback from our Avi Urban homeowners.  It is so satisfying when someone has taken the time to write us and let us know how they feel.  Whether it’s via email or survey or thank you card, I, and all of us here, appreciate hearing from you.

I especially enjoy the comments that relate to why someone decided to build with us.  It’s great to realize that so many of you share our commitment to great design in the spaces we inhabit.  After all, our home is there when we rise and it welcomes us at the end of the day.  It’s where we host our friends, live our lives, and grow not just as people but as communities as well.

That place we call home MUST be exceptional and that’s what the team strives to do in every one of our homes in each Avi Urban community we build.  We want you to be proud of where you live and we want to make sure your investment is protected.

I often hear that one of the reasons many decide to go with Urban is that the buying process is easy to understand, the sales staff are available to answer questions and concerns and that the building process is inclusive and transparent.  I appreciate when I hear that.  Those three points are cornerstones of our customer experience process.

We know that buying that house is difficult and potentially stressful.  After all we are homeowners too; we have been there.  Our goal is to make building a home with us as easy and pleasurable as possible.  That is why we provide each of our homeowners a dedicated customer relations representative that is there to answer questions and help organize your schedule as the possession date nears. We also ensure your sales team remains in contact every step of the way, because we recognize that they were there at the beginning and it’s just as important that they be there through to the end.

Not all feedback is good news.  And that is not a bad thing.  We need to know how we can improve what we do.  One recent comment questioned our use of only one standard wall colour.  Why cant we have a greater selection? There are two reasons for this:

1.  People are VERY sensitive about their wall colour.  That is why typical paint selection books have thousands of colours to choose from.  Our best hope is to select one colour that goes with everything and let the individual make it their own post- possession. It may not be the best system but I haven’t heard of a better one yet.

2.  We are able to achieve our high overall value statement by making choices about where the best use of our purchasing dollar should go.   It’s ultimately about buying power and we have found that paint colour is a relatively easy fix whereas standard inclusions like ceramic floors, glass tile backsplash, modern fixtures and large, functional kitchens are far more difficult and expensive to change later on.

Another homeowner sent us a note letting us know that they appreciated the work one of our service technicians did this past winter.   We had a cold snap of  -25 degree weather that lasted for at least a couple weeks and that lead to a homeowner experiencing a frozen water line.  That same issue happened to a few other neighbours as well.  We heard about it and our service tech came over and fixed the problem.  It wasn’t pleasant for our homeowners to be inconvenienced but from that incident we learned that we could do a better job insulating that particular water line.  It lead to an improvement in the way we build all our homes.  And that is a good thing.

Outside of sending us a note, or giving us a call, several other opportunities exist for you give us your feedback.  Each of our homes are third party inspected with you in attendance.  Let them know your thoughts.  We also participate with a third party survey program that allows you to choose whether you personalize your response or remain anonymous.  Fill it out! It only takes a few moments.

I read every comment that comes in.  If it’s important to you, then it’s important to me and our team at Avi Urban.  So please, let us know what you think.

Enjoy the summer!


President, Avi Urban

The multi family division of Homes by Avi