President’s Post: What the Change in Seasons Means for Your New Home

Autumn; It’s one of my favourite seasons of the year.    For those few glorious weeks we get the richness of colour, from the mountains to our city parks, as the trees turn from green to red and golden yellow.  As I write this however,  I am looking out the window as the wind blows what remains of the leaves off the trees outside.    It’s the beauty of nature that amazes me, but as a Calgary builder I know this time of year means that shortly our ability to pour concrete and service new Avi Urban communities will become far more difficult.  Frozen ground is not our friend.

It’s been a busy spring and summer with several of our developments getting serviced by our landscapers and exterior trades in the race to beat the upcoming winter chill.  We have been fortunate this year that once the June rains dried up, we had a great run on sunny days that allowed a huge amount of work to get completed.  And as I walk our communities and speak to many of our new homeowners, I am amazed that what was previously an idea on paper has been transformed into remarkable spaces and a great base on which to build a future community for our residents.

The Enclave, Victoria Cross townhomes and The Terraces have all come together in a way that defines what a well landscaped development should feel like.  It is such a joy to see how complementary the exterior finish can be to the housing product. It’s at the end of the construction cycle when it all comes together and we can finally see how the finished product looks.  We quickly go from houses in a field to homes in a community, and that is such a great thing.

On our website ‘about’ page we have a video interview I completed last year.  In it I was asked what defines a successful development for me as a homebuilder.  For me it’s that feeling I get after everything is completed, once the dust has settled, the streets are cleaned and our homeowners have all moved in. One year, two year, even five year post possession, the way a community has matured, has grown past being an Avi Urban development into a community with its own story, its own character.  That is the most satisfying feeling.  That something has graduated into something bigger than us.

Ultimately, we build homes, but our customers make the community.  Just by being a part of that process, one that allows for families to grow roots, same as the trees planted outside, is a great thing to be a part of.

Enjoy the change of seasons, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Charron Ungar, President, Avi Urban