President’s Post: What’s Going On At Your Place

For many of us those resolutions we made after one too many glasses of New Years cheer have either faded away or are becoming etched as a permanent lifestyle change.  For those that managed a transformation, good for you.  For those that ran into the harsh wall of reality, well, better luck next time.

That said, since the beginning of 2013 we have seen many more Calgarians resolve to make their new home decision with Avi Urban.  One of our favourite things about ‘Urbanites’  is that many of them like to share their stories and the reasons why living in our communities made sense for them.

On our blog you can find many individuals that speak to that topic while at the same time show why an Avi Urban homeowner is a unique and stylish individual.  A common theme that I find with our homebuyers is a strong appreciation of value, combined with a serious necessity for style and great design.

That’s the angle I come from as well.  For me, I believe  that a builder stands behind their commitments.  From product conception to completion our responsibility is to deliver what we promise and realize that if we have done our job right we will have exceeded our buyers’ expectations and developed a community that you will be extremely proud of.   From both a value and a design perspective.  Ultimately,  I want the finished product to look better than the pretty marketing pictures!

Currently, Avi Urban is selling new Calgary condos and townhomes in four amazing communities, each with their own signature appeal:

 Sawyer was launched in mid-November and has seen an amazing public response with 50% of the flats sold in the first phase.

Edison launched just before Christmas and is just now starting to get the ball rolling.  The level of interest in these unique and well priced townhomes is increasing so the next few months will be interesting.

Our Prospect Rise development in Kincora is doing very well, and with construction slated to start in the next couple weeks, I can t wait to see the product start to get out of the ground.  The landscape plan alone is shaping up to be truly remarkable.

Lastly, the Victoria Cross townhomes are down to the last few units.   Taking a walk down Victoria Cross Boulevard located on the old Currie Army Barracks brings a real sense of pride because I think the streetscape is one of the best I have ever seen.  The pride of ownership is unbelievable.   The finished community of Currie will no doubt give Garrison Woods a run for its money as the best new innercity community once all the construction dust settles.

That is one side of the equation.  The other of course is our developments that are currently under construction:

Our brothers and sisters at The Block will be happy to know that the parkade is done and framing is starting. This means we will shortly see the form take shape.  Can’t wait!

The Enclave is also coming along well.  Construction is moving at a great pace, and with spring coming up (hopefully) soon, we will see work begin on the landscaping.   Nothing helps a construction site transform into home than trees and shrubs.

The Victoria Cross Terrace Homes are shaping up well with all the foundations now in and framing moving ahead.   Over the next few months we will see the exterior details come to life on the streetscape.  It is a landmark development that has the ability to transform public perception on density versus quality of life.

These are exciting times.  A new year that brought in such promise and opportunity seems to be moving along incredibly well.  I look forward to seeing how the rest of the year plays out.  It’s shaping up to be a great one for us.  I hope it is for you as well.