President’s Post: Why Your Local Hangout is Important

What is community?  Sounds like a simple enough question, however, I would bet that each individual would most likely describe it differently.  To some it may be where you live, while to others it could be where you work.  Maybe your neighbours would come into play in the definition, or for some it could be the local arts scene, university, hockey team, etc. The list is endless, but the idea that to make a community, it must be bigger than ourselves, is most likely the tie that binds all opinions on the subject.

Homes by Avi was formed almost 35 years ago, as a local business, building homes for local families, supporting local trades, suppliers and craftsman and slowly growing over time to the company it is today.   Since the beginning, a pillar of our organization has been to support our community.  We have a long term partnership with several local schools helping with educational programs and training facilities.  Our work alongside the Rotary Club and the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede in building the Stampede Rotary Dream Home for 17 years has helped raise millions of dollars for local charities.  Homes by Avi is also the official builder of the Calgary Flames, as well as a sponsor of the Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Oilers.  These are just a few of the things we do as an organization to support our community.   The message is clear as a builder within our community, we do our best to support those around us. 

I wanted to make everyone aware of one key initiative from Avi Urban that will hopefully be of interest to you.  Our ‘Support Local’ program highlights key local businesses committed to enhancing the lives of those around us.  Our Avi Urban team is working closely with these individuals to focus on what they do, how they do it and the benefits we all receive from them being in business.   These are local names you will be familiar with, and if not, then our information will hopefully provide some valuable insight for you as to why Avi Urban thinks we should all offer our support.

We feel strongly that our success comes from members of our community believing in us, and we want to give back by supporting those that support us.  This is an initiative we hope will grow considerably over time, with valuable exposure for all who participate.  If you read about our featured businesses through this program and it entices you to give them a try, then let them know that you heard about it here.  If you are a local business, or know of one that we should feature, let us know.   And above all else, support your local business!