Prospect Ridge – Construction Update

We’re so close to being done here at Prospect Ridge in Evansview! All possessions and landscaping are schedule to be completed by Novemeber!

Building 9 & 1 – All moved in and homeowners have just completed their 3 month warranty check with out Warranty technicians!

Building 2 & 3 – All moved in and being contacted to make 3 month warranty inspection appointments.

Building 5 – All moved in

Bulding 6 – Possessions happening next week!

Building 7 – Finishing stage is almost complete and flooring is going in. Sidewalks have also just been poured!

Building 4 – Cabinets have been delivered and are being installed. Driveways are prepped and ready to be poured. Possessions letters are about to go out!

Building 8 – Drywall, mudding and taping are completed. the primer for paint is now happening! Possessions still on schedule for November!

Landscaping – Sod is being laid and all landscaping will be completed this fall!