Prospect Rise at Kincora: Construction Update Sept 14

Another few weeks have past and if you haven’t been to seen Prospect Rise in Kincora lately, there has once again been lots of progress on site.

Here is each building’s progress report;

Building # 9 – Insulation and Drywall is complete, finishing stage has begun with the cabinets going in.

Building #6 – Rough-in’s, insulation and drywall is complete; the finishing stage will begin very soon

Building # 10 – Rough in’s are being completed (if not complete already!), insulation and drywall will be starting soon

Building # 8 – Rough-ins are well under way.

Building # 7 – Framing is almost complete with the roof being completed, Will be ready for clients to walk through soon.

Building #5 – Framing is almost complete, Windows are installed. Ready for clients to walk through if their interested!

Building #1 – Garage Level is framed; work has begun on the 2nd floor framing

Building #2 – Garage Level is being framed

Building #3 – Foundations are complete, will be the next building to have framing star.

Building #4 – Foundations are complete

Not sure about some of the construction terms I’ve used, contact us for further information!

TaraLynn @ Prospect Rise