Prospect Rise: Construction Update

It is so great now that construction has started, every time I go to our site for Prospect Rise Kincora something new is going on or there has been a change to the site and how it looks!

Lets Break it down by building (to our lovely homes owners if you can’t remember which building your in just contact us!)

Building 9 (On the West side of the site) – Footings were poured last week and today the forms for the concrete foundation wall were up and the concrete was poured! Framing will be able to start once the concrete has had time to set, but you should be seeing crews on site the week of Apr 22.

Building 10 (On the West/North Side of the site) – Foundations dug and footings being poured this week, forms for foundation walls will be set up early next week and poured next week as well. Framing Crews should be working on this building approx. the week of Apr 22.

Building 6 (4 plex on the northern end of the site) – This will most likely the first building to take possession in Prospect Rise Kincora. Foundations dug footings and forms for the foundations walls will be set up approx the same time as building 10. Framing Crews should be working on this building approx. the week of Apr 22.

Building 8 (Center/North side of the site) – Foundations almost complete, minor dirt to be removed, footings and foundations will be completed next (after Buildings 9, 10 and 6). Once the framing crew is completed with Building 6 (the 4 plex) they will be moving to building 8.

Buildings 1 – 5 & 7 – Foundations will be dug throughout April.