Prospect Rise: Construction Update

The site for Prospect Rise Kincora is now underway; you will be seeing constant change and development, which is very exciting. And with our last building already released the number of available units is becoming limited!

The foundations are being dug and Deeps services (your utilities!) have started as well! We’ve stated at the west side of the site with buildings 9 & 10 and will be completing all of the foundations for every building over the next few weeks.

Once a foundation has been dug and the services are in, forms will be put in place for concrete footings and foundation walls! Once that has cured/set, framing can start!

So lets break down where construction is at now;

Building 9 & 10 – Foundations are being dug

All other Buildings – Will be dug in the coming weeks

Deeps Services (Utilities) – Being completed