Prospect Rise gets a landscaped courtyard and a BBQ!

It was a chilly Fall day in Prospect Rise in Calgary’s NW but that didn’t stop homeowners coming out to enjoy their new landscaped courtyard and to say ‘Hi’ to their neighbors.

Avi Urban brought in Spolumbo’s to cook their yummy signature sausages for our homeowners in Prospect Rise as a massive ‘Thank You’ for choosing Avi Urban as their homebuilder.

Neighbors exchanged hand shakes and conversation over great food in their newly landscaped courtyard. It was a really enjoyable day as a DJ played some cool tunes and many gifts and prizes were given to those who attended. It is now over to the residents in Prospect Rise to enjoy their new living space. It was a great buzz for us to see neighbors become friends and a community grow.

For those who attended, check out this short clip and spot yourself.

We hope you are all happy in your new homes and you enjoyed the day as much as we did.

The Avi Urban Team.