Prospect Rise – June 2013 Construction Update

It’s hot and sunny…..Finally summer is here! And that is good news for our construction as well. We’ve seen lots of people and movement on site this weekend, with more to come throughout the week!

Our homeowners who purchased in Building 6 and Building 9 are welcome to book appointments with Brian or myself (TaraLynn) if you would like to walk through!

Lets break it down by building:

Building 9 – Framing is complete and so is the roof. Siding has started and so have the rough-in’s

Building 6 – Framing is completed, as well as the roof. Rough-in’s will begin soon.

Building 10 – The roof is going up, once the over head work is complete owners will be able to walk through.

Building 8 – The 3rd floor framing is complete and the roof is starting to go up.

Building 7 – The footings are being prepped for pouring now that the rain has finally stopped!

Building 5 – Foundations are complete and framing prepping is being completed

Building 1 to 4 – Foundations will be completed throughout the summer

Around the Site – The retaining walls behind building 1 & 2  and by Building 5 are complete. The curbs for the road are complete as well.

As always, the construction photos have been posted on the Avi Urban Facebook page with individual descriptions of the buildings current stage of construction.