Prospect Rise Kincora – Construction Update Aug 17, 2013

It’s amazing to watch Prospect Rise in Kincora taking shape, changes and progress are happening daily! I was on site a couple times this week and I could see the day to day changes, it was truly amazing to see.

So here is break down per building.

Building 9 – Rough in’s have been completed, insulations has been installed and dry wall is well under way.

Building 6 – Rough in’s are complete, insulation and dry wall installation have begun.

Building 10 – Framing has been completed, windows and siding are almost complete, rough-in’s have started.

Building 8 – Framing is complete and the windows are in.

Building 7 – Framing is well under way; the 2nd floor is almost complete.

Building 5 – Framing is being completed.

Building 1 & 2 – Foundations have been dug and concrete has been poured. Building 1 has even had the framing of the garage level started.

Building 3 – Foundation have been dug; the forms for the foundation walls are being set up.

Building 4 – Your foundation is dug the footing have been poured and now just waiting on the forms so they can be set up in preparation of pouring the concrete/foundation walls.

Around the site – Roads have been paved and the sidewalks have started being poured!

TaraLynn @ Prospect Rise Kincora