Prospect Rise at Kincora: Construction Update August

It has been a lot of work but the end is near. Landscaping is starting to take shape in the courtyard at Prospect Rise at Kincora, and is almost completed around the rest of the site as well.  Listed below are the details of what is happening around each of the buildings, what is complete and what is left to be completed.

Around Buildings 1 & 2 – Landscaping is complete, curbs are being fixed/re-poured to the side of building 2. There is a bit of sod that will need to be completed once that has finished

Around Buildings 3 & 4 – Landscaping is completed at the front of the townhomes. The rear of these buildings/townhomes back onto the courtyard which is discussed later in this update

Around Buildings 5, 6, 7 &8 – Landscaping is almost complete at the front of the townhomes, curbs are beings fixed/re-poured.  The rear of these buildings/townhomes back onto the courtyard which is discussed later in this update. The 3 foot fences around the rear of buildings 7 & 8’s walk out garage’s are complete.

Buildings 9 & 10 – The front landscaping is almost complete, curbs are being fixed/re-poured. Rear landscaping is complete with stairs down from the balconies and 3 foot fences between each unit and the road.

Courtyard – This is at the final stages of completion. The pathways have all had concrete poured, trees are being placed and planted, the sprinkler system is in and sod will be the last step. Sod has already been laid in parts of the courtyard. It is really taking great shape.

Landscaping is so close to being completed that the next construction update will probably be the last, showing Prospect Rise at Kincora at 100% complete! I can’t wait to see the finished landscaping.

Watch out for a really exciting invitation coming your way very soon.

TaraLynn @ Prospect Rise