Prospect Rise Kincora: Construction Update Dec 2013

Great news coming from Prospect Rise Kincora, we have completed the first four buildings (building numbers 6, 8, &10) and even turned the keys over to the new homeowners, so they can start moving in. Also the progress on the remaining six buildings is going well, despite the crazy blizzard and extreme cold over the past few days!

Our very first homes owners that took possession of their new townhome, Jacqueline and Garett (pictured), were very excited to get their keys and started moving in right away!

Here where the rest of the new Calgary townhomes at Prospect Rise Kincora are currently at:

Buildings 10, 9, 8 & 6 – All of these buildings are complete and we have turned the keys over to the new homeowners so they can move in and start making it home.

Building 5 – Drywall and painting is complete, the finishings stage has started

Building 7 – Drywall has started going in

Building 1 – Rough – in’s are almost complete and are being inspected

Building 2 – Rough – in’s are well underway

Building 3 – Framing is being finished and windows are going in

Building 4 – Framing is being finished and windows are going in

Around the site – The mailboxes are in their temporary location and the garbage enclosure is under construction.

Our team will be working through the cold weather to keep construction progress going at Prospect Rise. Check back in the New Year for even more updates and the latest photos.

TaraLynn @ Prospect Rise Kincora