Prospect Rise Kincora: Construction Update – July 2014

Construction on the new Calgary townhomes in Prospect Rise Kincora is now complete. Everyone has moved in, and all that is left is to finish those seasonal items that have had to wait for good weather.

That’s landscaping!

The townhomes look amazing, so it’s time to have the ground surrounding these gorgeous homes brought up to the same level of appeal. How do we do that –  with sod, trees, and other shrubs of course! There’s nothing better than cool green grass and the shade from a tree while enjoying the heat of summer.

Around Buildings 1 & 2 – Landscaping is almost complete. Trees and shrubs are planted, and there’s just a tiny bit of sod to go in at the back of building two.

Around Buildings 9 & 10 – The landscaping is also almost complete, with a bit more sod to lay and trees/shrubs to plant. After this point, the landscaping will be complete

Around Buildings 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 – The landscaping at the front is being completed or almost complete. As these buildings back onto the courtyard, there is a bit more work to be completed before the landscaping is finalized here.

The Courtyard – The base for the landscaping is almost complete. The retaining walls for the raised grass area is complete, and the pathways area concrete forms are being prepped to have concrete poured. A few of the trees are delivered and waiting to be planted, and more will be coming soon. The last piece to be completed will be the sod, but the courtyard is really starting to take shape.

Garbage Enclosure – This is almost complete. Just a few finishing touches left and then the bins can be delivered.

Keep it locked to our Facebook page for more construction photos as landscaping continues.

TaraLynn @ Prospect Rise Kincora