Prospect Rise Kincora: Construction Update – March 2014

It’s been a great start to March in Prospect Rise Kincora! The final four buildings are being worked on and major progress is being made both inside and out. With most homeowners already moved in and loving their new homes, the site is really coming together. Here’s where your new home is at:

Building 1: The team has completed most of the finishing work, and the third party walk-throughs will happen next week. It’s a big step, as possessions will follow soon after. The homes are looking incredible, with the final pieces like appliance installation to happen shortly.

Building 2: The team is working on cabinetry and finishing, which includes things like trim and paint touch-ups. It’s great to see these homes coming together, and cabinetry is a big step! Soon flooring will be installed, followed by other finishing pieces.

Building 3: The team is just completing the rough-ins, which is major and has to be completed before drywall can be installed. The inspections for these rough-ins will be happening this week.

Building 4: These homes are now at drywall stage! It’s awesome to see how each home looks now that drywall is on, it really helps to envision the space differently.

On the outside, each of the four buildings under construction is at a different stage in the siding process, but all are coming together and are already looking fantastic. The other homes will receive some finishing touches to their balconies and outdoor areas once landscaping begins.

Keep checking our Facebook page for more photos and information as construction continues.

TaraLynn @ Prospect Rise Kincora