Prospect Rise Kincora: Construction Update Oct 2013

Another month has past and construction is still moving along at an amazing rate. I am on site viewing the construction pretty much weekly and it still amazes me that changes you can see even from week to week.

Let’s breaking the construction progress down by individual building;

Building 6 – Flooring is complete and final touch ups are underway. Possession letters are out!

Building 9 – Driveways are in, final touch ups complete or almost complete, and your possession letters are out as well!

Building 10 – Cabinets are in and the rest of the finishing stage (tiling, countertops, and flooring) is under way.

Building 8 – Drywall is complete, mudding and painting are under way

Building 5 – Rough-ins are complete or almost complete. Insulation and drywall will be starting next

Building 7 – Rough-ins are underway and almost complete

Building 4 – Framing is complete, windows are in and rough-ins are starting

Building 3 -Framing is almost complete, windows will be going in soon

Building 2 – Framing is starting on the 3rd floor

Building 1 – Framing is starting on the 2nd floor

Around Prospect Rise – Framing of the garbage enclosure will begin soon. The landscaping around the site won’t start until spring (we want to make sure the plants live!)